LOTS of updates!

    Hey, Piranhas! 

    This is a long one so bear with us! Instead of meeting in person this year we have prepared the Parent Information powerpoint for everyone to review at your leisure! It is now posted as a PDF on the home page of Planopiranhas.swimtopia.com. Please read through the information carefully and email us any questions you may have - we will send an email with answers to all questions prior to June 6. 

    Please check the Meets & Events page of our website to see changes to our meet schedule and meet information for June 11 and June 18 meets. Entries for June 11 will open this coming Tuesday, May 31 @ 8am. The deadline to complete event entries for that meet is Monday, June 6 @ 8pm to allow all swimmers to consult with their coach on the first day before finalizing entries. Instructions to complete event entries can be found here: https://planopiranhas.swimtopia.com/signup-instru... 

    One thing from the Parent Information powerpoint we REALLY want to make sure everyone is aware of: TAAF has made changes to how swimmers pay fees to facilities hosting meets. In the past, spectators AND swimmers were charged a cash admission fee at the door of the host facility. Now, only spectators will pay a cash admission fee (usually $5) and swimmers enter for no charge. Instead, swimmers will be charged $3 per event entry, per meet. For example, if Sam McSwim enters three events for the June 11 meet, he needs to pay $9 prior to that meet. Payment for entry fees can be made at the front desk or by phone any time before the day of the meet. 

    There will not be any Piranhas coaches or admins in the office to answer questions until next week. Feel free to email us any questions you have and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able! 

    Thanks! -Piranhas Staff

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