Deck Heated Meet

    Some teams that host meets use deck slips instead of the electronic system. Plano A/B is one of those meets. With a deck heated meet things run a little differently. Please refer to the information below to familiarize yourself with the changes. Thanks!

    Deck Heated Meet; What to expect

    • There will be NO heat sheets available.
    • Swimmers MUST knowtheir own events by looking at the heat boards found across the pool, the heating area, and one outside.
    • Swimmers MUST see their coach to receive their heat cards.
    • It is recommended that swimmers get with their coaches to have events appropriately organized.
    • Swimmers MUST take the appropriate heat card, and give to the person working at the heating bench before each race.
    • Once a swimmer is done with their race, their time will be written on the heat card by the timers. You can receive the time, but you will NOT be given the card.
    • Cards will be given to the ribbon table by the runners, and ribbons will be distributed to the COACHES and NOT the SWIMMERS.
    • Ribbons will be given to swimmers the following week.
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    Plano Piranhas Swim Team - Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center

    5801 W. Parker Rd. Plano TX 75093 - Piranhas@plano.gov - 972.769.4417

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